I think it is only innevitable that John Cena will reach 16 Championship runs, and even surpass that number at some stage. He still has plenty of years left in the tank. Heck, Ric Flair was wrestling in matches well into his old wrinkly years. There’s nothing to say that John Cena wouldn’t do the same.

However, when exactly will John Cena win his 16th title to tie Ric Flair’s record? It is hard to say. John Cena doesn’t seem to have much direction in the WWE currently, especially now that he has dropped the US Title. My guess is that he will win the US Title again at some stage in the near future. Then, will lose it to a new up and coming wrestler to give them a bit of a boost after he has effectively given a big kick up the backside to the US Championship title scene, as it hasn’t been particularly big recently.

Once John Cena has dropped the US Championship again, I suspect he will go on to be involved in a storyline to reclaimed the WWE Heavyweight Championship again. Now, whether or not that is against Seth Rollins is up for debate. The WWE seems to be steamrolling Seth Rollins into the future, and I doubt Seth will lose the titles to Sting at Night of Champions.

Therefore, my assumption would be that John Cena won’t carry the championship again this year. However, he will likely be involved in a storyline which will take him to that 16th title reign at some point during 2016. Perhaps even at Wrestlemania. I also think that John Cena will surpass Ric Flair’s title record at some point as well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens during 2017, or even beforehand. I don’t think the WWE is that bothered about protecting Ric Flair’s record.

If they’re looking to butcher any records currently, it is the one held by AJ Lee. They clearly want Nikki Bella to hold the Diva’s Title longer than AJ Lee held it for. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nikki Bella miraculously loses her championship very soon after she passes AJ Lee’s record for holding the belt for consecutive days. However, we will wait and see.

When do you think John Cena will Tie Ric Flair’s Championship Record? Let us know in the comment section below.