It would have been assumed that the 3rd member of the Wyatt Family would have been Erick Rowan, or possibly even Bo Dallas (It has been rumoured). However, we were surprised to see a man who goes by the name of Braun Strowman get announced by Bray Wyatt as the new member of the Wyatt Family.

Who is Braun Strowman?

There is very little known about Braun Strowman. I will happily admit that I had never heard of his name when he was announced. All the latest newcomers to the main WWE Roster have been the highrisers in NXT getting promoted. Former champions, current champions and general NXT headliners. However, this isn’t the case with Braun Strowman.

The fact that the Brooklyn crowd on Monday Night Raw were chanting “Who Are You?!”, says it all. Nobody really knows anything about the newest member of the Wyatt Family.

He has been labelled as Sister Abigail’s “Black Sheep” by Bray Wyatt. Whatever that means, I’m not sure. He was revealed while wearing a black sheep’s mask. Perhaps it is as simple as that, and we’re making Braun Strowman’s story far more complex than it is. Or, perhaps it will be something we will find out more about in the near future.

Bray Wyatt’s promos are notoriously cryptic, and generally make very little sense, until a week or two later, when he will suddenly make everything blindingly obvious. No doubt there are some clues in his promo, however, we can’t dissect much.

I think the main factor we need to bare in mind with Braun Strowman, is that he is the perfect mold for a Wyatt Family member. If there was a Wyatt Family human factory. He would be the creation emerging from the production line.

Braun Strowman – Strongman

Braun is actually a former strongman, prior to joining the WWE. Which would make sense. The WWE has always shown an interest in the bigger, stronger looking athletes of the world. Just look at Mark Henry. He was just a strongman who was brought into the WWE and turned into a wrestler.

Strowman is currently 31 years old. Therefore, he has plenty of year left in the tank. The added fact that he is a strongman would suggest that we may get some interesting moves from him in the ring. However, will they stand out? We already have a roster filled with incredibly strong wrestlers. I mean, look at Cesaro! He’s insanely strong, and he isn’t even that big.

Starting in the WWE

As with most wrestlers in this era. Strowman started in NXT. However, he hasn’t actually had any on-screen matches as of yet. He has only, in fact, had 7 matches in total. If you were lucky enough to be at a dark match on NXT or WWE’s Main Event, then you may have seen him already. However, he hasn’t been seen on TV yet, hence why nobody knows much about him.

It seems strange to me that the WWE is putting so much faith in a guy that has had barely any experience, concidering the normal practice is to have wrestlers prove themselves by coming up through the ranks on NXT, then “Main Event”, then maybe Smackdown, and the finally, they may make it onto Monday Night Raw. However, this guy hasn’t even appeared on Smackdown yet. He’s been promoted straight up to Raw on his first TV appearance.

It will be interesting to see what his in-ring credentials are like. I doubt they would push someone up this quickly if they didn’t know anything. Then again, Eva Marie was on the main roster, and couldn’t wrestle for her life. Now she still can’t wrestle particularly well, but at least she has been put down to NXT so that she can learn more.

We have seen a glimpse of what he will be like in the ring, as he treated Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose like ragdolls. As you can see in the video below:


He seems to be billed as a sort of ‘unstoppable force’. He literally acted more devastatingly than Brock Lesnar. Acting as though punches didn’t even phase him etc. This could be a bit of a bad idea from WWE Creative, as now they’ve got a guy on the roster, who realistically shouldn’t be stronger than his ‘boss’ (Bray Wyatt), however, has ended up looking more indestructible than even Brock Lesnar. Which therefore devalues the strength and devastation of Brock Lesnar, and hypes up this guy far too much. When, realistically, he’s only ever going to be a side-act to Bray Wyatt. In the process, he also made Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose look like pathetic kids.

I don’t think this is particularly good booking so far. Especially for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. I’m going to assume that the feud will continue, however, surely that means that Ambrose and Reigns will need to find a third partner? Who is it going to be? I’m sure we will find out soon. My expectation is there will be a match between the Wyatt Family and Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose (Plus a third partner) at Night of Champions. We will just have to wait and see who Reigns and Ambrose team up with. Perhaps there will be a reforming of The Shield, but with a different third member to replace Seth Rollins? We will wait and see!