Who do you think will walk out of Elimination Chamber as Intercontinental Champion

As we all know, we’re rapidly approaching this year’s Elimination Chamber event, and due to Daniel Bryan dropping the Intercontinental Title, there will be 6 men stepping into the chamber to decide who the next champion is going to be.

I honestly think this is a part of WWE’s big plan to make the Intercontinental Title seem like more of a prestegious championship, like it did 15 odd years ago. These days it is very much a title which all the mid carders fight over, and nobody really cares about it. It’s just a belt. It doesn’t create too much excitement.

However, the fact that an Intercontinental Championship match is at the main focal point of this Pay Per View says to me that the plan is to try and raise the game a bit in the Intercontinental scene.

Rumour has it that Sheamus will be walking away the victor in this match. However, we doubt it will be a straight victory. Our theory is that there will be a Lana/Rusev/Ziggler related incident in the match, which will lead to either Rusev or Ziggler being eliminated, but Rusev will likely go all Russian Rage on Ziggler, laying him out. Which Sheamus will capitalise on for the win. This would inevitably lead to a Rusev, Ziggler and Sheamus tri-feud. This might add some spice to the dry and boring Ziggler and Sheamus feud.

We find it very odd that just a month ago Rusev was fighting arguably the biggest name in the WWE, and now he’s being relegated to fighting in a match with R Truth. Surely we’re not the only ones question his presence in this match?!

We would have much preferred to see Neville be an entrant in the Elimination Chamber. Unfortunately it’s likely due to his relative green-ness that he isn’t being entered. However, there’s no doubt that we will see big things coming from Neville in the near future. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not been entered into the Chamber for a specific upcoming reason. Let’s face it, the WWE are well aware that a high flyer such as Neville would be an absolute spectacle in the Elimination Chamber.

Anyway, make sure you let us know in the poll and the comment section who you think is going to walk out as the Intercontinental Champion at the end of Elimination Chamber. Our money is on Sheamus.