On this weeks Monday Night RAW, we saw something which we haven’t experienced since the early 90s. People booing The Undertaker. People online are talking about it loads because it is such a strange thing that you’re not used to seeing. We even made a post about people booing The Undertaker yesterday when we first saw the video on the WWE Youtube Channel.


Why were people booing The Undertaker?

I think people need to bare in mind that Monday Night RAW was in Brock Lesnar’s home town. Therefore, they’re far more likely to take his side. Especially when a certain deadman decided to hit Brock with a low blow.

people booing the undertaker

It will be interesting to see how the crowd respond to The Undertaker this Sunday at Summerslam when he faces Brock Lesnar for a rematch. I would imagine that the general feelings towards The Undertaker will be completely different than the ones we saw on Monday.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the WWE purposely made Minneapolis the location for RAW the week of the Summerslam match up.

I’m going to assume that when the match starts on Sunday, the majority of the arena are going to be in The Deadman’s corner. Whether or not they believe he will win is another matter. But, I feel like most people would like to see The Undertaker grab the win on Sunday.

I personally believe that nobody is going to win the match, and that there will be an interruption, or something will happen to cause the match to essentially be a draw. It doesn’t make much sense to have either man lose/win the match. Having one or the other lose will hurt them far too much, and at the same time, having them win doesn’t benefit them that much.

Then again, neither superstar spends much time at the WWE. They’re both part-time talent on the WWE Roster. Therefore, does their perceived strength really matter that much? I suppose it does with Brock Lesnar, as that’s his whole gimmick. I think The Undertaker is more a case of, nobody wants to see him lose in what is likely the last year or so of his WWE career.

So, now you know why there were people booing The Undertaker. Do you think it was just a one off? Or do you think The Undertaker is losing his popularity, and that Brock Lesnar is actually the favourite going into their match on Sunday at Summerslam?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. We would love to start a discussion about it.