We feel as though it is incredibly important that the Bella Twins stay at the top to add to the storyline that is currently being built. They seem to be the main catalyst when it comes to building excitement about this new “style” of wrestling coming from the women’s NXT locker room.

Probably saying it is a different style isn’t quite accurate. It’s actually wrestling. As opposed to a load of pretty faces doing mediocre moves. These girls that are coming up from NXT are actually incredibly talented.

You wouldn’t be the only one who thought that Brie Bella made the NXT girls look incredibly superior to her in their wrestling ability. This genuinely isn’t a case of her making them “look” superior. They genuinely are far better performers in the ring.

This natural outperformance is really pumping up the crowd and winning them over to the newcomers.

Having the Bellas around to cause aggravation and generally be effective heels is going to pump the newcomers with extra popularity, and if Total Divas is anything to go by, Brie Bella won’t be around for much longer anyway, therefore, they better make the most out of her as they can.

The three new NXT Divas are here to turn the division on its head. Almost like backup for what Paige attempted to do when she first arrived. However, sometimes you need help, and the cavalry has finally arrived. If this battle to create a Women’s Division of olden era (alla Lita era) then these are the girls to win the war.

What do you think about the new additions to the main roster? Are you actually enjoying some women’s matches for once?