Kurt Angle Believes He Will Wrestle in the WWE Again!

Kurt Angle recently had a chat with Jonathan Coachman with ESPN. Kurt Angle was finally inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on Friday, and in our opinion, it is an event which should have happened years ago. During the interview with Mr Coachman, Angle pointed out that he is now in every wrestling Hall of Fame, both professional and amateur.

On the topic of whether or not he would wrestle in the WWE again, Kurt said that as of the current moment in time, he knows that he is taking an ambassador role within the company. However, he does also know that there is a chance of him wrestling in the company again.

It was noted by Kurt Angle that he would have to regain the trust of the WWE due to troubles in the past, before the chance for him to perform again would appear. However, he is confident in this happening due to the fact that he has been clean now for four years, and he plans to show that he can be relied and depended upon. He strongly believes that it hasn’t been his curtain call in the wrestling industry, and strongly believes that we will see him wrestle inside a WWE ring again in the future.

You can watch the interview with Jonathan Coachman below: