Adam Rose – Raymond Leppan

Adam Rose’s real name is Raymond Leppan, and formerly went by the name Leo Kruger. Ray Leppan used to perform in the Florida Championship Wrestling league, where he had achieved being a two time heavyweight champion.

Unfortunately, Adam Rose hasn’t seen the same success in the WWE, as the WWE Universe just hasn’t seemed to connect with him. The Adam Rose gimmick is a bit immature and wouldn’t have a lasting effect at the top tier of the WWE anyway. The WWE has tried to push him, however, we think it is time that Adam Rose went back to NXT and reinvented himself. I like the gimmick he has, he just needs to take it a little more seriously, instead of the very camp prancing around party boy persona he currently has. We’re thinking like a wrestling Russell Brand.

Adam Rose has the potential to be big in the WWE, if he just gets the right push, and the right gimmick.