Why would WWE go for a Goldberg Dominant Win Over Kevin Owens at Fastlane 2017

The headliner of the Fastlane PPV feels like a situation where Kevin Owens is a cow setting to get butchered by the icon Goldberg. Goldberg’s last two appearances in the ring showed him overcoming with ease the relentless Brock Lesnar in a feud that will come full circle in a WrestleMania headliner.

Based on previous booking decisions, one would think that Goldberg will not only become the new WWE Universal Champion heading but will also make KO look weak in the process. The written work may as of now be on the divider for Owens, yet there are still advantages to impending downfall.

  • Keeping the ball rolling for the Goldberg vs Lesnar WrestleMania Match


WWE went out on a limb in having Goldberg crush Lesnar in such an uneven form. This could have turned out badly during a time when fan backfire can occur in a split second. Rather, fans ate up Goldberg’s heroic return and are accepting of the fact that he is the one Lesnar simply cannot conquer.

Goldberg’s force is critical to the advancement of his fight with the ‘Beast Incarnate’, and a dominant victory over Owens particularly for the Universal title is essential for this recipe. Currently, Goldberg is the most over star on the roster and it might become a lost opportunity (such as Sting’s short run two years ago) if WWE does not strike while the iron is hot.


  • Puts more importance to the Jericho-Owens Match


Chris Jericho vanquished Roman Reigns for the United States Championship a month ago in a swerve that appeared to have been done in readiness for Owens losing the Universal Championship. Following the break-up of the two best friends and Jericho being the United States champion, Owens will also have a tangible purpose if WWE indeed decides to have KO lose his current title.

Owens and Jericho’s ‘friendship’ has been one of the brand’s best stories. Going after one title just adds glory to this fight, and it wouldn’t bode well for both men to have titles headed into WrestleMania as this may devalue the significance of the United States Championship due to the importance of the Universal Title.

Although being a United States Championship match, the chemistry between the Jericho-Owens feud is one that could eclipse the Goldberg-Lesnar match regardless of the title being defended. Jericho being a former cruiserweight and KO coming from an indie background would mean a more technical, fast paced match than the assumed Wrestlemania headliner.


Let’s just remember that whatever the direction WWE decides to go for, we are going to be spoilt with storyline development until WrestleMania finally arrives.