Since the start of 2016 there has been plenty of talk about the “Bullet Club” entering WWE. With that moniker comes Anderson and Gallows (following AJ Styles). The issue here is, since Anderson and Gallows have entered the WWE, they haven’t seemed overly ‘strong’. They did on their debut, I will grant you that. However, could the argument be made that WWE is making Anderson and Gallows look weak?


The Reigns Effect

Okay, so Anderson and Gallows are currently embroiled in a feud with Roman Reins and the Usos, alongside AJ Styles. You could argue that AJ Styles doesn’t look overly weak, despite the fact that alongside Roman Reigns he looks like a proverbial jelly fish. However, whenever there seems to be a confrontation involving the three, while AJ Styles may come out of it looking relatively unscathed, Gallows and Anderson end up looking rather weak. Are WWE just essentially using Gallows and Anderson in a way to make Roman Reigns look strong, without sacrificing AJ Styles?

It could be argued that Anderson and Gallows are mere ‘pawns’ in the overall storyline, which would really be a shame. However, we genuinely expect Finn Balor to debut on the main roster at some point soon, which we’re hoping means a turn around for “The Club”. As I highly doubt Triple H would let one of his boys flounder on the main roster like a lot of other NXT talent has (*cough* Tyler Breeze).


Their ‘Look’

Now, I’m not being funny, but I can’t be the only one who thinks the ring attire of Gallows and Anderson just doesn’t match the idea they should be going for. When I think of “Bullet Club”, I think black trunks and leather jackets. In fact, the jeans outfits they debuted in would have been far better in my opinion. However, that may have trampled on Dean Ambrose’s look a little.

I think they need to change their appearance if they have any chance of actually looking strong, as their entrance attire looks far too cartoonish and gimicky.


Vince Doesn’t Like Outsiders

Arguably the most important factor. Vince doesn’t tend to like talent which isn’t WWE born and bread. Gallows and Anderson have come from New Japan Pro Wrestling. There is a strong history of ‘outsiders’ being underwhelming when it comes to booking within the WWE. This could potentially be a factor for these two guys. Perhaps they have truly just been brought in as backup for AJ Styles and nothing more. Although you could argue that AJ Styles was the poster boy for the ‘anti-WWE’ in TNA. However, AJ Styles is also arguably too big to bury. Imagine the outcry if WWE treated AJ Styles like they’ve been treating Tyler Breeze. He is too much of a fan favorite.

So, in conclusion, do I think WWE are making Anderson and Gallows look weak? Arguably they don’t look overly strong, but at the same time, I don’t think they look weak, just yet. However, I think there will need to be something important happening at Extreme Rules for Anderson and Gallows to look more positive in my mind. However, with Extreme Rules only a week away, we will get to see that soon.