So, this is something a little different for WhatWrestling. However, I randomly stumbled across quite a cool post online which I thought I would share with you guys. It’s a guide on how to make a Wrestling Ring Bed!


I’ve occasionally seen pictures on Instagram etc of people who have somehow managed to make a bed which looks like a wrestling ring (ropes and all!). However, I’ve never actually seen a post which explains how the people actually made it.


So, this is what the Wrestling Ring Bed looks like:


wwe wrestling ring bed


Obviously, this specific one has been made for a child. However, for you big kids out there, I’m sure you could modify the guide slightly so that you can chokeslam your significant other on a nightly basis (Is that a euphemism? We don’t recommend chokeslamming your wife…)


The supplies which were used to create the Wrestling Ring Bed weren’t difficult to find either. In fact, I will list exactly what you will need to purchase below:
1 Bed frame
4 PVC pipes with covers
12 O-Ring screws
12 Hook springs
12 Metal O-Rings
Black spray paint
3 Turnbuckles
Long rope
Pipe insulation
Electrical tape
Foam pads
Vinyl fabric
48 Eyelets
Eyelet tool
4 Long metal rods
1 Bunk bed board instead of box spring
1 White sheet
Fabric paint
1 Mattress


So, how many of you are going to accept the challenge to make this rather ‘different’ bed. I’m sure a kid who is really into WWE would love to have one of these. DIY dads! Get your tool kit out! Yes. You! I know when I was a kid I would have loved one of these. I remember doing a Jackknife to my pillow while watching Kevin Nash on WCW all the time as a kid. Admittedly, that was pretty normal for your average five year old…I think


Anyway, if you are interested in seeing how this WWE Wrestling Ring Bed was made, then I will include the link to the article which explains the process, step by step for you to follow


How to Make a WWE Wrestling Ring Bed